Your Microbiome – Air & Antibiotic Use

Before I continue my writing on environmental toxins, let me give you a quick review again.  A toxin is something harmful that is found in the environment and remember that your gut is in direct contact with your environment. Crazy to think about that but it’s true.  Some of these toxins I’ve been writing about –

> Through your diet

> NSAIDs when used often

> Antibiotics

> Constipation that is chronic

> Conventional farming

> Air and water pollutants

– can eventually enter your gut and disrupt your gut microbiome in a variety of ways.  

Your body is created to remove toxins through your colon, your kidneys, your liver, and even your skin, (when it’s desperate), but when the body is overloaded with toxins it just can’t keep up anymore.  Recently I’ve written about about toxins in your soil and water.  Today I want to share briefly about toxins in the air and through antibiotic use.


Air pollution is on the rise and studies have revealed a connection between air pollution and its effect on your gut microbiome.  With that in mind, here are some ways that you can protect yourself.  Pollution is worse when it’s hot outside so avoiding spending long periods of time out of doors on very hot days is a good idea.  And be especially mindful not to be exercising outside on very hot days.


Inside your home can be purified by increasing the number of houseplants you have.  They are natural air filters.  You could get an air purifier too but it’s important to remember to change the filters.  And if someone smokes in your home, encourage them to smoke outside. 

And let’s open your windows throughout the year to air out the environment in your house.  The air inside our well-sealed homes can become more toxic than the air outside so throw open your windows as often as you can. 


There are a time and a place for antibiotics.  I don’t want you to think that I am bashing them but I do want you to think about taking them ONLY when it’s completely necessary. 

Antibiotics kill off gut bacteria, the good along with the bad.  A healthy body can handle the day-to-day toxins but being on antibiotics makes it more difficult for your gut to detoxify after taking a round. 

Let us also remember that antibiotics are also given to animal products that you eat so you are eating the “food” that your food ate and 80% of all the antibiotics produced are given to the animals we eat!

Antibiotics also get into your water as it passes through urine or from pills that are flushed down the toilets. 

The moral of this story is to avoid unnecessary antibiotic use and eat animal products that are free of antibiotics. 

Step by step, little by little, slow and steady changes will add up to big differences in your health over time.   

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