A Meal Planning Idea

I give credit to my daughter for inspiring me to write this article.  She is a mother of four and I have watched her pull out her recipe books, look up recipes on of her phone, and plan meals for up to two weeks.  She makes the grocery list and then goes shopping at three different locations and even has the option as having some groceries delivered if she wants.  This process usually took her a few days to complete.  

When you take the time to meal plan and prep, it is a glorious feeling when it is completed.  The problem is is that not many want to do this job.  We are busy enough already.  I always said that I wished God had created me with chloroplasts just like the green plants.  That way I wouldn’t have to worry about food.  All I would have to do is stand out in the sun and make my own food when necessary.  I’d be ok looking green. 😀

After coming home from working all day, it’s such a blessing to have an idea of what one is going to eat.  We have all experienced coming home in the evening, staring inside the refrigerator or freezer and wondering what on earth you can throw together quickly to eat.

Meal planning and prepping are unique for every family.  My daughter and her husband have their brood of four.  I met up with a woman I hadn’t seen in years who had ten grown children and she shared with me how she used to feel such overwhelm standing in the grocery store.  And then it’s my hubby and I and he works second shift so he isn’t home for dinner four nights out of the week.  Finding what works for you is key.

The following idea is not my own and in fact, the links to the articles that my daughter shared with me, that inspired her to try this meal plan idea are below. My hope is that it will inspire you to be creative as you find out what works best for you and your family.  

Whatever you figure out, remember that being mindful while eating is important.  Enjoying the tastes of your meal, being thankful for it, relaxing and taking a few deep breaths before eating, and turning off the TV whilst putting down your phone will improve digestion and your overall health.

I’ve shared below what I started doing.  I use my own recipes from my Online Whole Foods Cleanse Program because the recipes are simple, easy, and nutritious.  Planning ahead will ensure that hubby and I are both eating well and not grabbing for something because we are “hangry.”  I know what hubby likes, what he is usually willing to try, and I can plan our meals.   If you have children, get them involved with this process.  The trick here is to use this same meal plan for two to six weeks.  So then when you go shopping, you buy enough of the ingredients that you can that will last for as many weeks as you need.  If I’m following this meal plan for three weeks, I’ll buy three whole chickens, freeze two of them, stock my pantry with enough of everything else and know that all I’ll need to do is grab some fresh produce here and there.  


2.10. – 3.2.









usually a protein shake after a workout at gym

eggs with greens

protein shake

avocado, EVOO, greens, on Ezekial bread.

protein shake

Pear Smoothie

Banana Chia Oatmeal


Chicken and salad greens

leftover Chicken  soup

leftover salmon with greens

leftover salmon on greens, & avocado

Roasted Veggies with grain

leftover Chili

leftover Minestrone Soup


Chicken & Rice Soup

Roasted Salmon


Roasted Veggies with quinoa & chicken

pick from a variety of leftovers

Minestrone Soup

Roasted Whole Chicken

Any extra food we have left after eating it for one “left-over meal” I freeze in wide mouth glass mason jars and then use it for meals later in the weeks to come.

I hope this helps you some.  Maybe inspire you.  Make sure to check out the two articles HERE and HERE on the subject and get your creative juices flowing!

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